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Friday, October 28, 2005


Beware they are dangerous

One day Normand was flying high in storytelling mode. I asked if he had ever been to Turkey and what were the people like.

'We were in a small town and the people were very friendly and hospitable. The took care of us in every way possible. If I ever thanked someone for their kindness he would invariably say, "It is my duty."

'We had a tent with us. After some days we decided we would like to go camping in the mountains. "No. You shouldn't go there."

' "Why not?" I asked.

' "There are gypsies there. They are dangerous."

' Well, we went up to the mountains anyway and pitched out tent. After some time we saw a figure approaching. The man would peer out from behind bushes trying to see what we were doing. He came closer and closer and eventually we were able to beckon to him to come and talk to us.

'He was very friendly and after some time he invited us to the gypsy camp. Over several days Ursula and I spent much time around the gypsy campfire, talking, singing, telling stories and enjoying the hospitality of our new friends. At night we would return to our tent.

'Eventually it was time to go and our new friends asked where we were heading. We pointed to the town.

' "No, no. Don't go there. Those people are dangerous." '

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