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Sunday, October 09, 2005


Finding accommodation

One of the hassles when travelling (for me anyway) is turning up in a town and finding somewhere decent to stay when all I want to do is get the weight of the backpack off my back. Some people don't seem to worry about this. I remember one night in Melaka I was sitting with Soon out the front of Sama Sama Guesthouse. It was fairly late. A woman turned up in a trishaw. She had booked a room. Apparently she did not appreciate being asked to take off her shoes before she went upstairs (she was Asian!). So she walked off with her luggage. The trishaw had already gone. She was looking for budget accommodation. At that time of night she would be lucky to find anything let alone something better. But she was happy to walk off. Me, I would have found something much earlier and not been so fussy.

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