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Sunday, November 20, 2005


Media led misery

There are a few current affairs programs on television here in Australia that do a good job of making Australians miserable. In fact, the lot of the average Australian is quite good compared to that of people in developing countries. But the average Australian hasn't visited these countries so we don't know how well off we are.

Last week A Current Affair, in one evening, showed us how our members of parliament receive subsidised meals in the respective parliament house canteens. Oh how badly done by we are. If we want to eat like that we have to pay more than twice what they pay.

And as if that wasn't enough, they then told us how much the leading company CEOs in the country are paid each year. Sure it's obscene. But to the average Cambodian what the average Australian earns might also be obscene.

Now if shows like A Current Affair and Today Tonight were to show a little more of the lifestyle of those who are truly badly off we average Australians might start to feel a little happier about our lot.

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