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Sunday, November 27, 2005


Why rush?

I remember a time back when I was in Melaka. I was standing in a supermarket queue. The woman in front of me moved from my queue and joined her friend in another when it became obvious that that queue was quicker. I notice this practice often both in Asia and here in Australia. People shop in pairs, take a place in each of two queues and then claim whichever one is quicker.

When getting off an underground train in many Asian cities I notice the people waiting to get on can be very impatient and feel the need to enter before those waiting to get off have done so. The same often happens in elevators.

In Australia when driving at the speed limit it is very common to find someone tailgating me, trying to encourage me to either hurry up or move over and let them through.

Why the rush? In the long term we are all going to the same place. We are all on our way to meet death. If you really want to get there first, feel free to move ahead of me. I hope you don't mind if I take my time and enjoy the ride.

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