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Friday, December 02, 2005


Of temples & wildlife

Anyone who has been looking at my flickr photo pages will be aware that I have been taking a look at some of the Asian temples in Brisbane. On Monday I went with two of my friends to see the Chung Tian Chinese Buddhist temple in Priestdale. Unfortunately we did not check the opening times and we discovered that the temple is open every day except Monday. It is set on a hill with a long drive. I took some photos from the gate to show my friends the power of the zoom on my Panasonic Lumix fz20.

Nearby is a waterhole in one corner of Underwood Park. This park comprises mostly sporting fields but it is nice that this corner has been left natural and is a haven for several species of waterbirds.

After spending an hour or so enjoying this area and taking a few photos we decided to go to Daisy Hill Forest Park to eat our lunch. In the centre of this park is a picnic area which attracts many wallabies and birds that are semi-tame and will hang around the picnic tables looking for handouts.

Went for a walk through the forest then that took us a couple of hours. When we returned to the main area we took a look in the Koala Centre. I've included just a couple of photos with this blog. If you'd like to see more follow the links on the sidebar, photos of the day are included on three different pages. They include ducks, dusky moorhen, water dragon, noisy miner, wallabies, crow, magpie, bees, koala, the temple and the waterhole.

My friends in Asia sometimes have the impression that we see kangaroos every day. Well, I have to say that these wallabies are the first macropods I have seen since returning and I saw none on my previous three month trip in which I drove from Brisbane to Melbourne and back—that's over 4,000 kilometres. And koalas? Well, I have done a lot of bushwalking in my life but I have only once seen a koala in its natural habitat. In the koala centre they have a tower that enables you to take a look in the tree tops at koala level. Couldn't see any. The one in the photo is actually captive.

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