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Friday, December 09, 2005


'Thai' experience in Australia

I have eaten 'Thai' food twice in the past few weeks. In the first restaurant my friends and I took a table towards the back. There were two small kids at the back table, perhaps the proprietors children, who might have been Thai. They watched us come in so I said 'Sa wat dee khap' to them. They simply looked away without responding. Their reaction was as you would expect from Western children who have been taught not to talk to strangers. Or perhaps they did not understand me. I noticed their conversation was in English. The food was pleasant.

Last night a friend took me to another restaurant that she recommended. We were greeted by a Western man who spoke with a European accent. My friend had said that she thought his wife was Thai. There was a young blonde waitress who was dressed in traditional Thai cloth. The menu listed 'gaeng kheow warn' and in English said it could be served with chicken, pork or beef. I ordered 'gaeng kheow warn gai' and he did not understand. I had to say 'chicken'. We also ordered fish with chilli sauce. In both cases the sauces were delicious, the food was attractively presented but the meat was tough. It was disappointing as a 'Thai' experience.

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