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Friday, December 09, 2005


Why not leave a comment?

Prior to moving to Blogger I was not encouraging comments. At another site I once used It seemed there were more people reading the blogs and commenting on them than there were writing them. Often the comment would be immature or flippant. At Blogger I find there is less community interaction, so far anyway. Probably most of the people who read my blog are reading it because they have chosen to rather than finding it randomly. I am aware that this could change.

I do not have a problem with someone adding a comment that disagrees with my view. I am happy for my blog to be a forum for different ideas. However I would prefer that the comments are intelligent and considered. Obviously I cannot control this. I don't feel that I need to comment on every comment unless I think additional clarification is necessary. Stupid or offensive (in my opinion) remarks will be deleted.

The Blogger site does allow anonymous comments. If you feel inclined to add something you don't have to be identified. However, if I know you and you want me to know who it is, you could simply add your initials. I'll have to guess.

Have your say, you're welcome.

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