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Friday, January 20, 2006


Back again and off again

I put my computer in for repairs over a week ago. I'm planning to head back to south-east Asia in a few weeks and wanted it fixed before I left. The repairer and I had a few communication problems or should I say lack-of-communication problems. Eventually discovered he had the wrong phone number. Anyway, I have the computer back now. Hopefully it will be trouble free for some time and I'll be reporting to you regularly as before. So please drop back soon.

There have been changes in the family situation that I returned to Australia for. Now I am free to return to my travels in Asia. First I have a car to sell and then I'll buy my ticket. The plan at the moment is to head to Kompong Chhnang in Cambodia but I haven't bought my ticket yet, so anything could happen.

Anyone in Brisbane want to buy a nice little car?

Wow! this announcement is exciting. It's not about the car, but your next chapter in Asia. Can't wait to read and see on your blog. Take care.

Thai Friend in Sydney
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