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Friday, February 10, 2006


It's gone and soon I will be

Today I sold my car. No, it wasn't R. Now, didn't I say that one should be prepared to make a commitment? Well, someone came along today who was prepared to. A few hours later he drove off in a nice little car. I hope they have a long and happy relationship together. R was disappointed when I told her but thems the breaks.

Me, I'm carless. I had to ride the bicycle to the bank with the cheque. And I realise how this car has taken my fitness away. I returned exhausted. Hopefully, when I return to Asia I will acquire a bicycle once again and return to my previous level of fitness. (No, I didn't put on any weight.)

Now, I don't muck around. I've spent the rest of the afternoon on the phone and internet making bookings. I expect to be reporting to you from Phnom Penh in a little over a week. Yeah!

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