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Saturday, March 18, 2006


How many calories do you need?

The poverty rate in Cambodia is assessed by the World Bank at 1,826 reil (roughly 60 cents Australian) per day. 80% of this is based on the cost of 2,100 calories of food. I am not one who has ever needed to count calories. However I know that many of my friends and family in Australia diet regularly and this figure would have more meaning to them. Just what would 2,100 calories of food relate to in your diet? Would you feel full if that was all you got each day? Could someone tell me as the figure means nothing to me.

Assuming this figure has meaning to you then consider the fact that 35% of the population of Cambodia, that's close to 5 million people, in 2004, had less than this.

Figures taken from an article by Sam Rith in the Phnom Penh Post issue dated Feb 24—March 9, 2006

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