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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Another grandson

My daughter, Melanie had her baby one week late this time. (Izmaillah was three months premature.) Isaac was born at 9.26 pm on July 26 in Katoomba. He weighed 3.76 kg—hey, for once they are not giving the weight in pounds. For those of you who still think of babies in pounds, that's about 8 lb 4 oz, according to my calculator. A little more than his big brother weighed at birth. (Izmaillah was 1.1 kg but is now a healthy five year old : ) )

Everything went well. Both Mel and Isaac are well. Isaac likes to be close to his Mummy at all times. I got to hear him cry over the phone but he was pacified when Mel put him to her breast. So far, Izmaillah is coping well with not being the centre of attention. He thinks it's quite exciting.

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