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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Popular huntsman

Most people who read this blog will be aware that I also have four flickr photo pages. A friend once expressed surprise that I had four flickr pages. 'How do you get four?' he asked.

It's easy. You just need four different email addresses. The alternative is to have one page and pay $US25 per year for a flickr pro account which allows you to upload unlimited photos. In fact, I could probably afford to pay that but I have this perception of myself as living frugally in a developing country and it seems there are more important things to spend my limited budget on than a flickr pro account.

In any case, that's the way I've gone. Each page has a theme. The main one is for general pics; then there's one for exotic transport (I see plenty of that in Asia); one for flowers and plants; and one for wild things.

The photos are there for the same reason as my blog—to share with family and friends. However, they do attract many visits from strangers. The wild things page is particularly popular. Perhaps this is because I have a knack of getting up close to creatures that some people like to keep at a distance.

Generally my photos are viewed between 10 and 20 times. Some more interesting ones reach over 50 views and one or two are in the hundreds. I was quite surprised recently to discover that one of my photos had been viewed over 3,000 times.

I have to wonder just who all these viewers are. I suspect someone with a related website has linked my picture to their site. The popular picture is not of some exotic creature from Asia. It is found in most Australian homes, and I'm told is found in most countries around the world. It's the huntsman spider you see here. I photographed it in my mother's house in Brisbane.

If you are not familiar with my flickr pages, you can find them by following the appropriate links on the sidebar.

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