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Monday, December 11, 2006


Happy Constitution Day

Today is a public holiday in Thailand. Last night I asked a friend what the holiday celebrated. My friend said 'Constitution Day'. We agreed that this was ironic as there is currently no constitution in Thailand.

Maybe Thai people could celebrate the fact that a new constitution is being written that hopefully will prevent future prime ministers from ripping off the country.

I'm never sure about Thai holidays. If I ask two different Thais, often I get two different answers. I decided to search the internet and found the following information.

Constitution Day, December 10 (guess the holiday was officially yesterday), commemorates the advent of the regime of constitutional monarchy. This came about on June 24, 1932. Previously
Thailand was ruled by absolute monarchy. Not sure why it's celebrated in December when it happened in June but this is Thailand, I often don't understand the way things are done here.

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