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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Who says you can tell where Asians are from?

At the ticket window I was told the Melaka bus left from platform seven at 10.30. It was already 10.30, there were two buses there and neither was going to Melaka. I asked a girl who I thought was Chinese and therefore local. Turned out to be Japanese and more lost than me. Still we managed to catch the bus. Miyoko had no accomodation booked and I was able to introduce her to Sama Sama when we reached Melaka.

That night a few of us were talking around a table. There was another woman who I knew to be Japanese and she was chatting with Miyoko. I wondered why they were chatting in English. And then the other woman said to Miyoko, 'Where are you from?' After Miyoko told her, they started speaking Japanese.

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