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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


The most beautiful...

I am now visiting Hangzhou which is reputed to be the most beautiful city in China. The central attraction here is West Lake which is quite close to the city centre. Surrounding the lake is West Lake Scenic Area. I'm writing this after just a few days here. I expect to stay longer so I'll add more as I can.

There is a small problem in that I haven't found an internet cafe where I can connect my own computer which slows me down a little particularly with uploading photos. Bear with me, lots of pics of China's most beautiful city coming to my flickr pages soon. Click the links on the sidebar if you haven't already seen my pics of other parts of China.

Last Friday I spent a hot afternoon exploring just one corner of the gardens surrounding the lake. They are extensively landscaped and piped music soothes you as you walk. Photos ready to upload. Hang in there.

Quotes from a locally published Hangzhou travel guide:

'the "petty (sic) bourgeois" lifestyle has been existing reasonably.'

'It (West Lake) covers an area of 6.38 sq km, the average depth being 2.27m.'

'It (still West Lake) has mountains on three sides and the city on the remaining one side.'

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