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Monday, October 08, 2007


Smiling in the rain

The rainy season in Thailand should end by the end of this month. When I arrived in Mahasarakham more than a week ago there was a storm. At the bus station water was right across the road. I stepped off the bus into 10-15 cm of water. It's rained on and off since.

The other day I took a walk in the rain with my umbrella to my favourite BBQ restaurant. The rain was pouring down. It was still quite heavy as I walked back after lunch. Water was several centimetres deep across the road in places.

It's been raining like this on and off for about six months. You'd think people would be sick of it by now. I observed the students coming up the street from the university on their motorcycles with umbrellas, two or three on board. They were getting wet and most of them were smiling or laughing.

Even when the weather is uncomfortable Thailand is still the land of smiles.

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