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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Vote buying

In developing countries it is not uncommon at election time for there to be accusations of vote buying. But isn't that exactly what is happening in Australia? Aren't the major parties saying, 'If you vote for us, we'll give you this...' Perhaps they're not buying individual votes but they are offering incentives to us to give our votes to them.

Consider the developing countries. Perhaps in many of them the unspoken message of the politicians is, 'Give us your vote so that we can give ourselves more money.' Of course in countries like Burma they don't waste time with charades like elections.

Consider the Chinese. Compared to people in many of the countries I visit, the Chinese I met are not too badly off. They agree. But some told me that they still want the right to choose their government. Strange that the government of that country thinks they have the right to speak on behalf of the people of Tibet and Taiwan when they haven't even the courage to allow the people of China to decide they approve or disapprove of them. At least no votes are bought in China.

What do you, my Australian friends and family, want from the next government? Tax cuts? More money for your child's education? For your health?

And when you get it will you be happy?

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