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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


My new home

Today I moved into a house where I hope to spend some time—not sure how long. It's not my habit to stay long anywhere but let's see what develops. I have made some sort of commitment, I've paid three months rent in advance. But then, three months rent in Kompong Chhnang is roughly equal to what I might pay for one week in Brisbane at the lower end of the market.

This is a little smaller than the house I had in the next village last year. I am no longer surrounded by a permaculture forest. Hopefully this also means I'll have fewer mosquitos. This village is closer to the centre of town which makes for less exercise getting to and from the market. I'm also closer to some of my friends and my Khmer language teacher.

I've taken no photos yet. Not sure when I will because I have to go to Phnom Penh soon to renew my visa. Watch this space. Perhaps I'll add little snippets on the house over time that will build into a bigger picture.

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It is so cool! Aj John!
Do you have any problem with food, over there? I hope you don't!
take care,
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