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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Real democracy

Do you ever feel that the democracy promoted by the USA is a bit of a farce? Their president gets to rule the world but the rest of us don't get a say in who becomes that president. Would the world community have elected George Bush Jnr? It's time we got to have our say. And while they're not going to give us a vote we can at least tell them what we think through an organisation known as Avaaz.

Avaaz took an online poll of members asking what points they would like made to the next president of the US. They came up with 1) commit to a strong global agreement on climate change; 2) rededicate the US to universal human rights and 3) reject the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive warfare.

If you agree with these objectives sign the petition here. It will be sent to Senators Clinton, McCain and Obama, one of whom will most likely be the next president of the US. At the time of writing almost 100,000 people had signed. I hope you'll join us in this democratic activity.

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