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Friday, May 30, 2008


China and Tibet

China is like a man who rapes a woman, claiming it is OK, they are married because he already raped her years before. He moves into her house and invites members of his family to come stay and rape her too. He rebuilds her house his way. She says she doesn't like it. He says she is ungrateful because her life is much better than it was before.

He abuses this woman for fifty years. Now he decides to let the world see how good he is by staging a big celebration. Finally she has had enough of his hypocrisy and retaliates publicly attacking members of his family. He says 'Look at how violent she is', as he beats her into submission.


Please note: when I refer to China I am referring to the Chinese government not the Chinese people. Chinese people are individuals who may or may not agree with their government. Whatever they think about it, the have very little say in who forms the government or in its policies.


No doubt the Chinese government sees the Tibet issue differently from the way I do. You can read their viewpoint on the Xinhua News site (in English).

For example Xinhua reports on the publication of a book on Tibet's past and present: 'With abundant persuasive data and pictures, the book truthfully depicted the miserable lives of Tibetans under the feudal serfdom system before 1951, the publisher said.

'The reading also displayed the historic progress in the new Tibet's economy, politics, culture and social construction under the leadership of the Chinese central government, and local people's current happy life, it said.'

China depicts its attitude to Tibet as being humanitarian. If the Chinese government is so caring, why is it that they support the corrupt and abusive military government in Burma?

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Mar 21, 2008
Dear backpackers,

As we have been to Tibet (or on our way to Tibet), we share a common love of the great natural beauty of Tibet, its culture and its people.
Therefore we are all emotionally attached to the holy land. No matter what happens in the past week, Tibet shall remain to be our homeland, our spiritual homeland.

The Chinese authority is trying to deny our access to news of Tibet.
I've been trying to collect news report/pictures and share them with
you. We, backpackers around the world, shall unite and break the Great Firewall of China! Say NO to internet censorship!

Note: the above is my open letter to backpackers around the world.
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