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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sharing the memories

A couple of years ago I was fairly settled in Mahasarakham. I left at that time to return to Australia for family reasons. I left quite a lot of my stuff in storage. Recently I returned to Mahasarakham and brought a suitcase-full of my things back with me to Bangkok. This included many backup disks of photos from the past. These are photos taken with my first digital camera, a 2MP Kodak DC265. Most are of Australia but also included are photos from my first trip to Thailand in 1999 and trips to England and California.

These photos remind me that memory was more expensive in those days so I was more economical in taking photos. I didn't have the luxury of filling a 1GB card as I occasionally do now. I had to make every shot count or perhaps delete the duds. Now I almost never delete a pic because you never know when it might serve some purpose.

I joined the photo-sharing site flickr not long before I bought my current camera, a Panasonic Lumix FZ20. The first photos I added to flickr were of Angkor Wat and were taken with the DC265. Since then I have added thousands of photos taken with the FZ20.

I've decided to process and upload some of the earlier DC265 photos as I have time. I find it interesting to compare the busy-ness of most of my Asian pics with the emptiness of so many of the Australian shots. I hope you'll take a look soon and come back again as there'll no doubt be more added later. I'll perhaps add some to this blog also when I feel there is a story to go with them.

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