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Saturday, August 02, 2008


Why do we hate?

I've written before about the unfortunate need we humans appear to have—we must have someone to hate. I'm not sure why but it is unfortunately one of our traits. When I was growing up we were taught, perhaps in subtle ways, that we should hate the Catholics we walked past on the way to and from school. It seems they were also taught to hate us.

Australian Protestants and Catholics seem to get on much better now but unfortunately it seems Muslims have become the new Catholics. It is so easy to point the finger and say those Muslims are terrorists but we seem to ignore the fact that it was our Western alliance that invaded Iraq on a flimsy pretext.

I believe if we are to stop the bloodshed coming from each of our societies those of us who disagree with it should stand up and be counted. I'd like to think I'm doing that from time to time through this blog.

It is up to Muslim people to also stand up and say that they disagree with the killing that is done in the name of Islam. The reason for writing this blog is to share with you an example of just that. This is an inspiring poem written by a Muslim woman in India. I hope you'll read it.

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Hey..I really appreciate your gesture of attaching the link of the poem "I am Muslim" to your blog.

The poem is really an eyeopener, if others also care to see it the way we have done.

The writer has been exceptionally pertinent about what ails this society and the discrimination in the name of religion.

I liked 'your' message too for the muslims. Muslims do need to shed their ghettoism and be more articulate about such issues.

Alas...most Muslims in India are poor, backward and illiterate.

That is why I feel that Western Education is so important along with Islamic studies to balance the mind set.

Thanks for your comment Nazia. I agree that many poor people are unable to express themselves owing to a lack of education. I have observed this in people from many cultures and various countries. I would very much like to see a strong emphasis on education in aid being given to developing countries.
I recently came across another page that gives a different perspective on Muslims. Well worth reading in my opinion.
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