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Friday, October 03, 2008


Beach vendors of Koh Samui

I spent a day on Chaweng Beach with a couple of friends. This is an ideal place to relax because you don't have to think of anything. Just about anything you want—from a mat to sit on to your food or a change of clothes—can be bought or hired from a vendor on the beach. Here are a few of them.

The water looks soooooo inviting but you're not too sure about your swimming ability. Don't worry. Just hire one of these swim rings from the vendor on the beach. (The same one who hired us our mat)

As well as snacks this one carries a small bar-b-que so that your gai yang (BBQ chicken) can be heated on the spot.

My friend Gik spent quite some time browsing the vast assortment of jewellery this woman was carrying before selecting a couple of items. Gik had a go at lifting the board with all the jewellery and found it was a struggle to get it off the ground. Most jewellery vendors carry much less than this.

The beach vendors are licensed hence the orange vests. Perhaps there would be even more otherwise. Competition is strong so it pays to have a way of getting attention. This ice-cream vendor is serenading these young woman with a song about the goodness of ice cream. They weren't hungry. He came back later and still no luck.

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