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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Coping with Indian food

I spent eight days in Delhi and didn't get Delhi belly. In fact, I quite liked Indian food. The easy availability of a range of vegetarian foods was a plus. In shopping malls there are often food courts that are entirely vegetarian. Spicy? Well, after all my time in Thailand I didn't find anything that challenged me. Others may need to be careful. In Thailand I often eat street food—not everything. I usually make a hygiene assessment. I was more careful in India and didn't get so relaxed as to try any street food though I suspect some of it should be safe.

In Mussoorie I had become quite relaxed about eating the food. I ate many of my meals in the hotel or guest house plus the occasional meal from a restaurant outside. So, I have no way of knowing what the culprit was but one morning I found myself with a rather extreme case of diarrhoea. It really cleaned me out. I treated it by fasting. For that day I ate nothing and drank water with electrolytes added.

If you know me personally you'll know I don't carry too much spare energy on my body. When I woke the next morning I felt totally depleted of energy. I felt drained even when sitting in meditation. Had some eggs for breakfast. The energy returned and the diarrhoea was gone. I was more careful about what I ate after that and had no further troubles during my stay in India.

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