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Friday, December 12, 2008


The hills are alive...

Back when I was in Cambodia, I probably commented in this blog that drivers on Cambodian highways drive with a foot on the accelerator and a hand on the horn. Other driving tools, such as the brake, are of less importance.

Here in India the horn is king and for some drivers and motorcycle riders it is used almost constantly. It's also not uncommon for motorcycles to have musical air horns fitted. Consider the amount of traffic on Indian roads—huge; consider the common attitude of Indian drivers—I'm coming through no matter what; and you learn to expect the constant music of beeping horns in India whenever you are anywhere close to a road.

In Mussoorie, staying at Ivy Bank there was very little traffic but because of the narrow winding roads drivers are still obliged to sound their horns to warn oncoming vehicles of their presence.

For those who don't enjoy this free music, it does fortunately reduce to almost nothing, at least in Mussoorie at night

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