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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Like to teach English in Asia?

Over the past six years I have been fortunate to have had some input from time to time into the lives of young Asian people from disadvantaged backgrounds. As an English teacher in both Thailand and Cambodia I have made many friends and I believe made a difference in their lives. The number involved is relatively small compared to the many who desperately want to improve their lives through education. I wonder if people in developed countries such as Australia realize the joy they can receive while contributing to the lives of others. I can think of two groups in particular who might like to think about doing something like this. First is the young person who might have recently completed their teacher training. Why jump straight into a job that you might stay in for the rest of your working life? You could defer for a year and spend that time in Asia gaining a different type of experience; likewise teachers who have reached the end of their career and might not be ready to retire quite yet. A year of teaching in a developing country could give you much joy as well as helping others.
I have been told of an opportunity for such a person. The university at Mahasarakham runs a demonstration school. This school is quite innovative, has a good reputation locally and is therefore in demand. They are, I believe, selective in choosing their pupils. At the moment they are looking for an English teacher for the primary school. The contract will last until September this year. Pay is not what you would get in a Western country but would be sufficient for living a Thai lifestyle while you are here. Travel expenses would not be paid. The person should be a native English speaker with teaching qualifications. Mahasarakham is an interesting place to live. It is in the northeast of Thailand which is not a tourist area therefore Thai culture is still alive and well. Like to know more? Then email me at johnshield (at) optusnet.com.au.

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