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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Mangosteen juice in Thailand

Further to my blog last year on the cost of mangosteen juice in Western countries; back in Thailand I discover that there are now mangosteen juice blends on the market here.

Unlike some available in Western countries they tell you just how much mangosteen there is in the container. I bought the Tipco 3 x 200 ml pack from the supermarket for 50 baht, that's pretty close to A$2 at the current exchange rate. It contains 30% mangosteen, 25% orange, 20% grape, 10% beetroot, and 5% each of passionfruit, banana and lychee juices. The Queen Berry juice cost about the same price in a restaurant. It is 275 ml and contains 20% mangosteen, 10% blueberry, 15% blackberry, 25% cranberry, 25% mulberry, 1% honey and 4% fructose.

How does that compare with what you're buying?

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