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Monday, July 27, 2009


Visiting a woman in Khon Kaen

On the weekend I visited Khon Kaen, the province west of Mahasarakham. I didn’t go there for fun but I did enjoy myself—most of the time. Even though I hadn’t been there for a few years I returned to Sawasdee Hotel where I’d stayed in the past. The rooms are adequate for my needs and the rate still reasonable. In the area there is a night market—at least on Saturday night—that is worth a visit. There is also quite a large market—selling fruit, vegetables, some live produce and much more—that is very active in the mornings. Over the weekend I picked up a few bargains that I couldn’t have got in Mahasarakham.

The purpose of my visit was that my dentist had referred me for some root-canal treatment. Apparently this was not available in Mahasarakham. For the size of this city there are not so many dentists. On the other hand they are abundant in Khon Kaen. I put this down to the fact that Mahasarakham University does not have a faculty of dentistry but Khon Kaen University does. Locals who study dentistry there probably stay on to practise after they graduate.

My dental specialist is a woman and I have to say that the hour I spent with her was not the most fun I’ve ever had with a woman. Once she got down to serious work I was not allowed to close or rinse my mouth until she finished—more than half-an-hour later. She asked if I could read Thai. ‘Nit noy—a little,’ I answered. She gave me a fact sheet on my treatment but at the speed I read Thai I think two A4 pages would take me far too long. A friend scanned through it and declined to explain it to me claiming it was too depressing. Gee thanks.

One day later and my mouth doesn’t feel too bad. I’ll be visiting Khon Kaen again over the next couple of weekends as this treatment is still a long way from finished.

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