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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Why do we work?

I’m aware that some of my friends check this blog from time to time to make sure I’m still alive. Therefore I’ll post this one to let you know that I am not sick, dead or in jail—just busy.

I’ve had a few trips to Bangkok lately as my flickr page will attest. In fact, I have more pictures to post but haven’t had time to process them. And I have another trip away this weekend. More about that later. I’m still finding time to do a little reading so I’ll share a quote from my favourite Buddhist teacher:

'Allow me to oppose the statement "Work is money. Money is work." which is a false statement not in line with Buddhist principle which teaches that work is duty and duty is work and the "work" here implies the morally right kind of work for every kind of living being. Work is not something to be done for the sheer purpose of earning money to pander and indulge ourselves in vices or various sensual pleasures which are in reality, merely a matter of "flashes of madness".'

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu
'A Consigned Legacy'

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I strongly agree with you Ta John ;p
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