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Friday, September 11, 2009


My garden

I do like to have a few plants around me but I don't have much opportunity where I'm living now. Well, there is a tree outside my bedroom window which attracts birds to wake me in the morning. I would love to have a few potted plants inside but this place is so tiny, there just isn't room.

Then I moved into a new office. There is room in the office for a few plants. That inspired me to start looking around. When the stalls turned up on campus for the Science Fair there were a few that were selling orchids. As they were in hanging pots it dawned on me that I could hang them on the window grill in my flat.

The woman who sold them to me was quite keen that I look after them properly and between her lousy English and my lousy Thai I got to understand that they needed to be watered morning and night. Trust they'll survive when I head off for Khon Kaen for the root canal treatment.

They've been there a few weeks now and as you can see they're looking quite healthy, even have a few new shoots.

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