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Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I know where it is—yeah sure

My return appointment, and hopefully my last one, with the dentist was for 3 pm. When I have a morning appointment I usually walk the kilometre or so. I enjoy walking. It gives me the opportunity to see this city, it gives me exercise and it gives me the opportunity to take a few photos. But walking in the heat in the early afternoon has less appeal. I decided to take a moto (motorcycle taxi).

They are usually everywhere. No sooner have you told one that you don't want him then another starts badgering you. I walked out of the guesthouse expecting to be surrounded but no. When you want them, where are they? Actually there was one there. He was doing a bit of maintenance on his bike and hadn't seen me. But he was only too happy to take me.

I have a business card from my dentist. On the back is printed a map, with wording in Khmer, showing how to find the surgery. The moto takes it from me looking at it upside down.

'I know. I know. It's near Wat Phnom,' he says, pointing in the opposite direction.

I turn the map around. Perhaps he doesn't read Khmer. Maybe he never went to school. I carefully point out all the landmarks to him and explain where it is. 'Yes, yes,' he can handle it.

He's a nice guy. We chat on the way there. He speaks good English. But I just think it's a pity a foreigner has to show a moto the way around this city.

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